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Resident evil revelations jessica

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    Jessica Sherawat is the secondary antagonist of the video game Resident Evil: Revelations. She was voiced by Ali Hillis. Finally reaching the Queen Zenobia, they met up with Jill and Parker. At that moment, a masked figure believed to be Veltro leader Jack Norman appeared, threatening to reveal the secret of Lansdale's labs on board the ships. Jessica, who had been a double agent acting as a mole for Lansdale, took the initiative and shot the masked man. This man was later revealed to be a disguised Raymond Vester, who was working under the orders of Director O'Brian to attempt to expose Lansdale's illicit operations.
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    What the HELL is going on with Jessica's 'sexy leg' in Resident Evil Revelations?

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    Jessica Sherawat | Capcom Database | Fandom

    As you may have gathered from Henry's glowing review , Resident Evil Revelations is a bit brilliant. High production values, gorgeous visuals and a latter half that consistently feels like the pulse-quickening last five minutes of most games. But there's one ridiculous ingredient in the mix that we can't let slip by unchecked. She's got a sexy leg. There's a sentence I never thought I'd say. Normally, a girl would have two sexy legs or perhaps two legs that aren't so sexy for instance if they were infected with a zombie virus and therefore covered in open sores.
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    “Me and My Sweet Ass…” Looking Back at ‘Resident Evil’s Lowest Point

    Jessica Sherawat is a character from the Resident Evil series of survival horror games. Her first and only appearance so far was in Resident Evil Revelations. She goes together with Chris as partners in a bioterrorism investigation. Her distinctive wardrobe leaves no doubt as to her extroverted nature, although her thrill-seeking attitude often causes friction within the BSAA.
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    In , Jessica was a part of the FBC, partnered with Parker Luciani during the biological attack to the floating city of Terragrigia. The two worked together to rescue a wounded Raymond Vester , and after fighting through waves of Veltro controlled Hunters the two escaped the doomed city via helicopter shortly before their commander, Director General Morgan Lansdale , ordered Terragrigia's destruction at the hands of the Regia Solis satellite. In , she was interviewed by a woman from the Global Pharmaceutical Consortium believed to be Excella Gionne , who she told about the BSAA Agents involved in this mission and about her next mission where she worked alongside Chris Redfield as the two investigated reports on the return of Il Veltro. O'Brian , who informed them that Jill and Parker had gone missing in the Mediterranean Sea on the Queen Zenobia , which was also supposedly controlled by Veltro. Due to miscommunications, they ended up on the Queen Semiramis.
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