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Corporate applications

Do you need applications that would make it easier for you and your employees to work? We will make Internet applications to suit your business.

What does it mean, corporate application? It is literally the application on your request. For example, if you need to collect information about a specific issue and share it with your employees via the Internet, whether at work or at home, there is nothing simpler then using an app for that. Or if you often train the new employees whose quality of work is correlated to time spent in the company why not to introduce them application that would facilitate their entry to the new company?

We create applications that might hugely benefit your company. If you already have an idea and want to discuss it with us, or you would just like to know what application would be suitable for your company, please contact us through our contact form and we will offer you solutions.

Smart content management system

It is time to implement a content management system according to your wishes! Get control over the company website and do not pay to update it.

Are you Frequently changing content of the company website? Do you need to change a text, photos in the gallery or just add some news? Then, the content management system is what you need. It is a web-based user interface, programmed for site owners who need to frequently change their content regardless of the webdesigners.

CMS may not necessarily include managing the whole site. For example, if you know that you often change content in only one or a few sections, you do not have to pay for a complete content management system. We will create a content management system tailored to your needs.


Revolution in webdesign – this is what HTML5 and CSS3 means for programmers. You can keep amazing design and fast loading speed, two things that will definitely bring you customers.

Using HTML5 and CSS3 you can add interesting features such as drop shadows, rounded corners, smooth transitions, transformations and animations. These stylish elements ensure agility of the web pages, as you no longer need to emulate pictures or videos. Apart from stylish elements you can axtednd your website with features such as geolocation used determine the position of the client, and much more.

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